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181 Devine St
San Jose, Santa Clara County 95110 USA

Is your friend or family charged with a crime? Are they in jail? Do they have a mental illness or a disability ? Call us so we can help.


Often times people have arguments, they act strangely because of a mental illness or disability, they have a drug or alcohol problem and they get arrested or it causes divorce.


You need to find an attorney who can understand the situation.


You need an attorney who cares to listen and who will come to help right away.


Our attorneys understand these complex issues and have years of experience taking the time to unwind an unfair arrest. We know divorce and child custody cases an be complicated and emotional.


All Families have problems. Friends get in trouble. A powerful caring attorney can help fix many problems. We can help you today! If someone you know is being charged with drunk in public, domestic violence, murder or sitting in jail call us! If someone you know is having problems in their family with their marriage or taking care of their children we can help!

We protect our clients.

Family or Friends

In Trouble?